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Group Road Ride 07/12/17, Looks Good!!

Its strange to say that anywhere in the 90's temperature wise is cool but compared to last week the weather should feel great.  We are on for a group ride so as usual plan on meeting up around 6:00p.m. and we will leave no later than 6:30p.m..  See you all tomorrow.

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Group Ride Cancelled 07/05/17

Looking at the weather we are supposed to go over 103 degrees today which sounds miserable, the air quality is also red.  We are going to cancel this week and wait for a little cooler weather and better air.  I will plan on seeing you all next week.

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Group Road Ride 06/28!! Closed Tuesday July 4th

This Wednesday looks like it will be great for a ride so we will plan on meeting as usual in the parking lot of the store and leaving no later than 6:30.  Just a heads up for all those riding with me on the no drop ride.  I have shortened the ride and am now taking a right hand turn that leads us in front of Fremont High while the rest of the group heads straight and goes a little farther, this has allowed all of us to finish about the same time.

On another note we will be closed down Tuesday the 4th for the holiday but will return for normal business hours on the 5th.  Have a great holiday and be safe, it makes it harder to ride a bike if you don't have all your fingers.

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Looks Good For Group Road Ride, Repairs Are Fast Right Now!

It looks like we will have good weather for the group ride.  The weather report says that it will be in the mid 90's though so sunscreen and lots of water. We are also only 2-3 days on standard repairs right now, that could change but that's pretty fast for summer.  See you all soon, thanks.

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Group Ride Looks Great, Hot Though!

Group ride looks like we will have great weather but its going to be hot so make sure to bring lots of water.  See you all tonight at around 6:00 and we will plan on leaving at 6:30p.m.

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Group Road Ride, 05/31!

As usual this year one of the only days this week it supposed to rain is on our group ride night.  I am planning on going at this time of the day, but we'll have to play it by ear.

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Looks Like Good Weather, Lets Ride!

So unless there is some mystery weather front that comes out of no where it looks like Wednesday might be one of the nicest days that we have had this year.  Plan on meeting at 6:00p.m. ish and we will leave no later than 6:30p.m..  We will have maps and answer questions briefly before we head out if needed.  Other thank that we will see you all soon, thanks for being patient.

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Group Ride Starts Wednesday 05/17, Skyline Jerseys Are In!

I know we are a little later in the season than we have been in the past to get going with the Wednesday evening group ride but in my defense I made the mistake of actually believing the weather forecast.  That being said we are looking forward to another great season of riding with our friends and customers.  As usual we meet at 6:00p.m. in the evening or close to that time and will leave the parking lot as close to 6:30p.m. as possible.  We go 22 miles and have about three different groups of riding levels, fast guys and ladies will be going over 24mph on average, mid pack moves between 20-22mph, we will all be on the same route and I lead the no drop section that moves 17-19mph.

On a different topic after months of not having in our own Skyline Cycle jerseys they have finally arrived and we have full size runs.  T-shirts are on the way but have not come in yet

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Repairs Only Two Days In Store!!

I know that the official time line on repairs says we are further out, but we are only two days in house for all repairs that don't need parts as of 05/01.  This is the fastest turn around time that we have had since February so if you need repairs done bring them down as soon as you can and we will get you fixed up and back out on the trails, road, or town.  See you all soon.

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Kona Demo 20-22nd Of April, Trail Dig 22nd Street Saturday Morning!

Couple of cool things happening this week.  Starting Thursday morning at opening we will have 9 Kona mountain bikes here at the store to be taken out for demo.  The Kona demo guy has asked that we get a copy of a drivers license, and hold a credit card and then you can go out and try one of these sweet bikes.  He will have Hei Hei Trails, Hei Hei Dl, Process 134's and 153's and a carbon Honzo.  We want rides to last at most an hour and half and then we would like the bike back so other people can ride them as well.

Saturday April 22nd at 8:00a.m. we will be meeting at the 22nd street trail head to do some finish up work and a section of trail that was just put in a couple weeks ago.  It awesome to do trail work because it rocks but this Saturday Comcast will be donating money to Ogden Trails for every volunteer that shows up. Bonus right we get get trail work done, we get to ride sweet sections that we maintain and Ogden trails gets more money to make and maintain more trails.  I'm in, see you all there. I will have tools, bring gloves, a hat and some water,  If you have any questions give a call to 801-394-7700, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or message me on Facebook.

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Spring Sale April 13th-15th

Our annual spring sale will be this weekend starting Thursday and ending Saturday.  The discounts will be 10% off all in stock 2017 model bikes, 15% off all in stock 2016 model bikes, 15% off car racks, child carriers helmets and trainers. All other accessories will be 25% off.  Looking forward to a great year, come hit us up for gear at a great price.  As always thanks for letting us be your bike store.

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Two New Brands, Repair Timeline!

Welcome to what looks like the beginning of another great riding season.  It looks like it might warm up a little and hopefully we stay that way so we can all start to get out and ride.  We are going to continue on with the brands that we have worked with in the past, but we have added Scott bicycles to the floor as well as a new apparel line with Club Ride. Check out their web sights and let us know what you think.

The tune-up special ended yesterday and we are now back to our regular $55.00 tune price.  We have been holding at about the rate of a 4-5 day turn around time with tune-ups and larger repairs.  As usual if you need something simple or not that time consuming give us a call and see if we can get you in faster.

As always thanks for letting Skyline Cycle be your bicycle store, we appreciate each and every customer and can't wait to ride in 2017 with you all.

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Open Presidents Day! Tune Up Special Ends In 8 Days!

We will be open Presidents Day for regular business hours today.  Quick note that the $35.00 tune up special ends in 8 days and then we will be back to the regular price of $55.00.  We are also about 5 days out at this point and I expect we will be a little further out than that soon but we are doing our best to keep it right around that range, see you all soon and have a great holiday.

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Bike Classes Over For The Season

I had a great time with all of you that attended the bike classes this winter.  I am sorry to bring them to such an abrupt stop.  We have been so busy this week that I have meant to make this post at least 20 times and have failed. Thanks again for allowing me the privilege of teaching the skill that I love, and thanks for being great customer I couldn't do it without all of you.  Looking forward to a great season with all of our customers and friends, here's keeping my fingers crossed for sunny warm weather, Matt.

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Bike Class, Repeat Of Basic Maintenance! Tune Up Special! Now Accepting Resume!s!

This will be a repeat of the first basic maintenance class taught in December for all those that may have missed it. Today we will cover a description of all the components and how a bicycle works.  We will then discuss how to clean, lube and inspect your bicycle to  keep it running well.  Class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will run for approximately one hour ending at 10:00a.m., plan on arriving a little early and come through the double doors and the North East side of the building.

Just a reminder that the tune up special will be ending at the end of the month and we will be returning to our normal price of $55.00.

We are also beginning the process of looking for help for the upcoming season.  We will be taking resumes from anyone interested.  There is no amount of experience needed to apply and on your resume I just want to know who you are, work experience, why you are interested in working at Skyline Cycle and why you think you are one of the individuals that should be picked.  Positions will be a combination of sales and mechanics so if you don't like getting a little dirty and greasy this may not be for you. Spring is just around the corner and we can't weight, see you all soon.

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Bike Class, Cold Weather Gear Sale 25% Off!

Today we will be continuing our discussion of disk brakes and will focus on hydraulic systems.  We are going to discuss different types of hydraulic brake fluids and where and when they are used in different conditions as well as what companies are using fluid wise. We will go over the tools generally needed as well as safety gear needed while working on these brakes.  We will be bleeding a Shimano brake system and then discussing different techniques with other companies. As usual class will start at 9:00a.m. and will go until approximately 10:00a.m..  Use the double doors on the North east of the building.

We are also putting all the in stock cold weather gear on sale at 25% off of msrp.  I know its still winter but spring is just around the corner.  Its a great opportunity to get new gear and just in time to use it.

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Bike Class, Fat Bike Rentals, Winter Trails Day!

This Saturday its disc brakes, and more disc brakes.  Today we will discuss both mechanically actuated disk brakes and hydraulic disc brakes.  We will identify, adjust, discuss brake caliper adapters, address different size rotors, and determine what types of fluid are used by different brake manufacturers.  Class will go from 9:00a.m.-10:00a.m..  The double doors on the North East side of the building, directly out of the parking lot as the front door will be locked.

We now have one medium Surly Ice Cream Truck,  a large Salsa Beargrease, and a large Framed Wolftrax for rent.  Charge is $45 per day and if you end up getting a fat bike we will take the first rental fee off the price of the bike.  Call ahead they go out quick for the weekend.

This Saturday the 21st is Winter Trail Day over at North Fork.  We will be there from 9:00a.m.-1:00p.m. with fat bike demos. Its always a good time so if you get a chance come over and play in the snow with skis, snowshoes and fat bikes.  See you all out there.

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Bike Class January 14th, Rim Brakes!

We will be working with all types of cable actuated rim brake systems.  We will identify, describe, adjust, and replace brake pads on all types of rim brakes that are currently used on bicycles. If we get all the way through rim brakes we will begin a conversation on mechanically activated disc brakes.  We will begin at 9:00a.m. and will end around 10:00a.m.. Arrive a little early and come through the double side door located in the parking lot on the North East side of the building.  See you there.

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Back To Regular Hours, Fat Bikes, Bike Class!

Welcome back all, hope the holidays treated you well. Thanks for another great year and we look forward to another. We are back to regular hours of operation and will continue on right through the spring and incoming dirt/ road season.

That being said it seems we are in the middle of a great time to ride fat bikes.  For all of you, including myself, that were asking for snow I guess we got it.  I was comping at the bit to get back open as soon as we had a good amount of snow on the ground.  I haven't been able to get out yet so if you have been on a sweet snow ride let me know and we will pass the word along as well. As you need gear we are fully stocked on cold weather gear, apparel, tires, helmets ect. Hope to see you out there soon.

This Saturday we will be talking derailleurs and will be going over theory, identification and adjustment of both front and rear derailleurs.  Class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will go through 10:00.

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More Bikes For Christmas, No Bike Class Saturday, Happy Holidays!

For all of you out there still looking to pick up a new bike for Christmas and or gear we have build up about 13 childrens bikes and still have great stock on models ranging from 12" wheel boys and girls bikes all the way up to 24" boys and girls mountain bikes.  We will also receive 6 more adult bikes this afternoon that will be built and on the floor by tomorrow.  As far as accessories we received two new shipments this morning that will fill out the store through the weekend if you need anything let us know because we probably have something on hand that will work.

There is no bicycle maintenance class this Saturday but we will start back on the 7th of January with theory, identification, and adjustment of bicycle derailleurs.  Class will as usual start at 9:00 and go through about 10:00a.m..  Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and thanks for being great.

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