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Bike Class Schedule Changed, Skyline Holiday Break Changed!

This last Saturday there was a great turn out to the bicycle class.  On that note for all of you that came thanks for being there, sorry I was so gosh darn sick.  We had a great discussion on chains, how to measure, install, break ect. but it went a little longer than I had planned which is awesome.  What this means though is that the calendar will be off a little and I will change it as soon as possible.  Next week we will be doing cables and housing to get us caught back up so all the classes will be pushed back a week.  If you have any question on schedule call 801-394-7700 or shoot an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I have adjusted the days that Skyline Cycle will be closed after the 24th of December. On the calendar I originally had us closed until January 9th.  In light of the fact that fat bikes are taking off this year and we are excited to provide any support we can we will be back and open for regular business hours on January 4th which is a Wednesday.

As we continue on into the holidays if you need gifts that friend stop in, or if its time to get a gift for your self let us know.  Thanks as always for letting us be your bike store.

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Bike Class The 10th, Fat Bike Season Is On!!!!

The subject of today's class will be assessment, description, removal and installation of cables and housing.  We will also cover chain wear, removal, installation, and we will go over the use of master links. Class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will end around 10:00a.m.. Come through the double doors an the North East side of the building as the front door will remain locked so we can concentrate.l

Its hard to believe just over five years ago the perception of winter by many cyclists was a deary trudge towards spring with nothing but the occasional nice day that would allow us outside and away from our trainers.  It is awesome to now have the bikes and gear that allow us to ride terrain previously shut down in the winter.  I hear that Wheeler Creek is packed and ready to go.  I also know that many if not all of the resorts will have some sort of access for fat bikers in designated areas.  Welcome to another season of cycling and as always as you need us for repairs, gear or knowledge we are here.  As all of you ride killer trails let us know so we can pass the word, see you out there.

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Bike Class Tomorrow, Basic Maintenance

Sorry the post is a little late but tomorrow we will be covering and introduction to your bicycle and its parts as well as cleaning lubrication and patching a tube.  Class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will go until around 10:00a.m.  Come through the side doors in the parking lot as the front door will be locked.  See you all tomorrow.

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Just a quick note that we will be closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, have fun, enjoy your family and travel safe. We will be back for regular business hour Friday and Saturday and on sale for the holidays. See you all soon.

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Sale And Bike Classes On The Calendar

Its been a moment since we have been posting stuff but we now have the holiday sale discounts and the mechanic classes scheduled up on the calendar function of the website.  If you click on the sale on the calendar it will give you all the discounts which start this coming Friday and go straight through Christmas eve on the 24th.  Also the classes are scheduled through the end of January by topic.  In advance have a great Thanksgiving and we will see you right after for deals.

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Tune-up Special

Tune-up Special is starting! Bring this coupon in whether it be on your phone or you bring in a printed copy we will accept either one. We will be doing this special through February!




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Fall Kona Demo!!!!

We will be hosting another Kona demo at the Ogden Bike Park this Saturday from 10am-4pm! Come check it out! Ride some bikes and have a good time!

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Last Group Ride For The Season!

We have had a great season and have enjoyed riding with all of you.  We had the best turn out this year that we have ever had in 10 years, thank you. We have had some of the best weather as well, a little hot at times but overall great. The only unfortunate thing about tonight's ride is that a lot of the guys from the store have things going tonight including me watching my children so we won't be on the last ride of the season. Don't be strangers though we still have a ton of great riding left it just stinks it gets dark so early

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Group Road Ride 09/07, TIME CHANGE TONIGHT!!!

Looks like we have a nice day for a ride. There is a change in the time we are leaving now though because its getting dark earlier. Usually we have left at 6:30p.m. but tonight we will be heading out no later than 6:15p.m.. See you all tonight

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Great Group Road Ride, Thanks!

Thanks for a great group road ride last night. Like before we had a great group of riders and had a tone of fun. See you all next week. We have decided that we are going to try and leave at 6:15p.m. so we don't end up in the dark.

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Wasatch Peaks/Skyline Cycle Bicycle Give Away!

So here is a chance to win a free mountain bikes. We are working with Wasatch Peaks Credit Union and they are going to give a Giant Stance 2 for the guys or and Embolden 2 for the ladies, here is the link if you want to enter.

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Group Road Ride 08/31/16 Wednesday!

The weather is looking great and the temperatures have come down just a little. Should be a great ride tonight, if we have the same turn out we had 20+ riders last week and had a blast. As usual see you around 6:00p.m. here in the parking lot and we will leave no later than 6:30p.m..

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Group Ride 08/17, SALE!SALE! SALE!

It looks like we have a great night for a ride and for once I get to go as well.  Totally excited to see every one that I have missed for a couple weeks.  Just checked the weather and there is a slight chance of rain, If the weather goes South I will have a post up by 4:00p.m. letting everyone know if we're rolling or not.

Sale starts tomorrow and it our annual summer close out of 2016 models and gear but keep in mind even if we have to order your items we are going to give you the sale price.  We will be running the sale through Saturday so it a good time to stock up or upgrade.  We added some extra discounts where we could to say thanks to all of you for another great season.  See you all soon, thanks.

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Huge Thanks To All Of You, Followed By A Huge Sale!

First and foremost a huge thank you to all of you that voted us the #1 bike store in Ogden through the Standard Examiner.  It means a ton to us to know that we are doing a good job and know that we appreciate each and every one of you.  Without all of you coming in and choosing us as your store we wouldn't be here. Our customers ROCK!

As usual this time of the year we have our annual fall sale coming up soon.  It is a week later than usual but will be the 18th, 19th, and 20th of August.  Where we could we added additional discounts to say thanks to all who voted and are in here all the time, if your new tip your hats to all those that took the time.  Discounts are as follows;

1. 10% off all 2017 model bicycles

2. 20% off all 2016 model bicycles or any bikes that are older than that

3. 25% off general accessories

4. 15% off all bicycle trainers, car racks and electronics

5. 20% off all helmets

6. 30% off all in stock summer jerseys

7. 20% off all in stock shorts and bibs

8. 40% off all in stock cold weather gear.

See you all soon and thanks again for making us your store.

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Group Road Ride Wednesday 07/27/16

Looks like we are a go for tonight but its going to be hot just like the past couple so come prepared with water and sun screen.  As usual we are going to meet up at 6:00p.m. and plan on leaving no later that 6:30p.m..  There will be riders from the store tonight to support the no-drop section.  See you all out there.

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Group Road Ride 07/20/16

Looks like it is going to be super hot tonight.  Unfortunately there will be no one from the store on the ride tonight due to scheduling conflicts.   If you are planning on going tonight be sure to bring all the stuff you need in case you have a flat or a break down and lots of water.  We will also not be able to store extra gear inside the store because we will be gone by the time the ride ends.  If you are new and need a map come in before we close and we will get you one.  With the weather it wouldn't be a bad night to call if off as well. Sorry we are going to miss you tonight we will see you all next Wednesday

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Group Road Ride 07/06/16

Looks perfect for a ride tonight, see you all there!

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Group Ride Wedensday, CLOSED July 4th

Group ride looks good for tomorrow, but like last week its going to be hot so hydrate and bring lots of water.

We will be closed for Monday July 4th but back for regular business hours on the 5th.  Have a fun and safe 4th of July and thanks for what has been a great season so far.

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Road Ride 06/22, Giant Decreases Prices on Select Models!!

The ride tonight will be great, hot, but great.  Bring lots of water and plan on meeting at 6:00p.m. in the evening and leaving no later than 6:30p.m. See you all there.

On a different note Giant has decreased the price on select model, to check them out go to their website and if you would like to get one let us know, as well we will be matching that price on anything on the floor. Cool way to get a big discount on a bike.

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Group Road Ride Cancelled 06/15/16, Wind Sucks!

Heres a note for all the group road riders. Tonight is going to suck because of the wind and we have been reading that it is going to gust between 16mph-21mph. Lets skip this week and pick it up again next week. See you all soon.

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