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Archive, January 2013.

Saturday The 26th, Spin Classes ON, Bike Class A Go!!

Posted On Jan 26
Saturday the 26th we will be having both the spin class and the maintenance class.  The first spin session will begin at 10:00a.m. and will end aroun...

Tune Up Special Ends February 28th

Posted On Jan 19
We currently are running our off season rate of $35.00 dollars on tune ups and have been discounting other labor related activities a little as well...

Medium Salsa Mukluk Here!

Posted On Jan 19
On a more positive note as promised we have a medium Salsa Mukluk here for rent.  Charge is $40.00 a day and as of right now it is still open for Satu...

Bike Class Saturday Cancelled!

Posted On Jan 18
Guys I am so sorry but I am sick as a dog.  I tried to entertain the idea that I was going to make a miraculous recovery today but I am still running ...

Saturday The 19th, Bike Class, Spin Class Schedule

Posted On Jan 16
This coming Saturday the 19th we will have both spin classes and bike maintenance classes.  Bike maintenance will be going over cable actuated rim bra...

Spin Deck Open During The Week!

Posted On Jan 14
It occurred to me yesterday with such warm weather outside that we have a beautiful spin area, but that we only really use it for two classes every Sa...

Salsa Mukluks Due In Next Week

Posted On Jan 10
I saw the sky for the first time in two weeks today, and man 30 degrees feels warm. Update on the Salsa Mukluks, also known as snow bikes, we will be ...

Saturday January 12th, Spin Class and Bike Maintenance Classes

Posted On Jan 09
We've been back a couple days and after all the cleaning we're pretty confident it smells less like dust and moth balls in this place.  Thanks for l...