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Archive, February 2016.

Repair Classes are Over for the Season!

Posted On Feb 27
We have had a lot of fun doing the repair classes with all of you this winter! But we are getting into the busy part of the season now so we are not d...

Tune Up Special Ending Soon! Hurry In!

Posted On Feb 19
I know we've been talking about tune up special ending but now it is right around the corner.  On Monday February 29th we will go back to our regular ...

Bike Class, Derailluer Adjustment Repeat!

Posted On Feb 17
Today its all about derailleurs, identification, inspection, removal, installation, and then adjustments.  Regardless of what style of riding yo...

Web Sites Back!

Posted On Feb 17
Everything is back to normal with the site. Thanks for your patience, talk to you all soon.

Our Site Got Hacked! Bummer!

Posted On Feb 15
Guys it looks like our web site has been redirected off of Google listings.  If you access everything is still the same just don't ...

Bike Class Saturday February The 13th, Wheels, Wheels, Wheels!

Posted On Feb 10
This Saturday the 13th we are going to be discussing wheels.  How a wheel works, determining spoke length, replacement of a spoke and the basics of ho...

Bike Class! Hubs, Headsets, Bottom Brackets, Cranks

Posted On Feb 03
We will discuss hubs headsets, bottom brackets, cranks today. We will go over installation, removal, adjustment and repair of all the previously l...