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Bike Class, Disc Brakes!

This Saturday the 13th we will be talking about disc brakes.  We will discuss both mechanically actuated disk brakes and hydraulic disc brakes.  We will identify, adjust, discuss brake caliper adapters, address different size rotors, and determine what types of fluid are used by different brake manufacturers.  Class will go from 9:00a.m.-10:00a.m..  The double doors on the North East side of the building, directly out of the parking lot as the front door will be locked.

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We Are Back, No Bike Class This Saturday, Tune Up Special!

We are back and looking forward to another great year with all of you for 2018, hope the holidays treated everyone well.  We do not have bike class this Saturday the 6th but we will be back on the 13th to discuss disc brakes.  Also just a quick reminder on the Tune-Up special.  We will be at the $35 dollar rate until the end of February which sounds like a ways off but is coming in 7 weeks so if you can get your bikes in while we're on special and only 2 days in house.

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Happy Holidays, Thanks, Closed For Annual Maintenance/Cleaning! Back on 01/02/18

I just wanted to say thanks as always for letting us be your bicycle store.  We are looking forward to another great year with all of you in 2018.  With out each and every one of you supporting us we could not be here, and so you know it really means a ton to us.

I hope all of you have a wonderful, and safe holiday season.  As usual this time of the year we are closed for some cleaning and maintenance and lets be honest we're all scooting out of town in search of great riding.  We will be back for normal business hours on the 2nd of January. See you all soon, Matt.

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Bike Class, Holiday Bike Orders, Fat Bikes In!!

Tomorrows bikes class will begin at 10:00a.m. and will be covering cables, housing, and chains.  We will be discussing identification, removal, replacement and how to check if they are worn.  We will be about and hour or so, plan on coming though the front door.

We are coming up really quickly on Christmas.  If you are planning on ordering a bicycle Monday the 18th will be the last day I plan on doing special orders because shipping gets crazy this time of the year and I would feel horrible if I promised a bicycle and it didn't show up in time.  Other  than bikes we will do our last order Wednesday the 20th to make sure that it arrives by Friday the 22nd.  Looking forward to a busy next week, thanks for letting us be your bike store each and every one of our customers rocks.


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Gift List Filled Out By You To Help Friends And Family Shop!

For me and I think for a lot of other people out there shopping, finding the right gift for someone is not always easy.  Combine that with the fact that cycling is not everyone's hobby, plus lets face it as a group, most of us are a little picky about the gear we want makes shopping for a biker hard.  Then there is the guy or lady that has literally everything to do with bikes.  In years past we have tried to stock our shelves with bikes and gear that would make anyone happy, this year is no different.  What is new is that one of our friends recommended having a gift list filled out by you as a customer and then left here so that friends and family could stop in and pick an item off the list you provided.  We thought this was a super awesome idea because its a win, win.  Anyone picking an item off the list knows they are giving you something you want and you get gear that makes the holidays merry.  We'll have them behind the counter for you to fill out and then alphabetize them by your last name.  Happy holidays, see you all soon.

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Holiday Sale 11/24-12/23, Bike Classes Scheduled On Calendar!

Sorry its been a minute since and update.  Everything in the store is now on sale for the holidays. All 2018 bikes are 10% off. 2017 bikes are 15% off. General accessories, shoes, helmets, clothing and tires are on sale at 20%. Electronics, bike trainers, car racks are 15% off.

I finally got the chance to update the calendar on the site and have scheduled the bike classes through January listed with times and descriptions.

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Great Fall Riding, Cold Weather Gear, Trainers, Tune-Up Special!!!

Finally we are getting a little fall weather and man the riding is sweet.  Even though the riding is wonder full it can be a little brisk in the morning.  We have a good amount a cold weather gear already on hand to keep you out there riding comfortably.  We have gloves, arm and leg warmers, tights and jackets in stock as we speak.

For all of you who don't want to ride outside any more we have trainers in stock so that you don't lose the fitness that you work so hard for this summer. We have Kinetic, Cycle Ops, and Graber trainers here but we can get you any trainer that you would like.

Basic Tune-Ups have also been reduced in price from $55.00 to $35.00 and will be on special through the winter months.  Its a great time to get a deal and keep riding this fall or get your bike worked on now and be ready for next spring or that trip down South to get out of the cold.

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Road Construction Sucks!!

Just a quick note that if you are trying to reach us by coming from the North on Washington Blvd, it is near impossible to get here.  There are cones in the middle of the road and signs that say no left hand turn.  There are a couple of ways that are better for getting here.  If you come in on Mountain Road which turns into Harrison you can take a right onto 12th and then follow it to Washington and then take a right and head to the store.  Another route would be following Wall into 12th, taking a left and then another left onto Washington.  Either way is better than attempting a left off Washington, we see near misses every day.  Sorry its hard to get to us, thanks for the extra effort.

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Basic Tune Ups On Special!!!

We have dropped our basic tune up price from $55.00 to $45.00 for individual bikes.  If you bring in two or more bicycles at one time we will do the same basic tune up for $40.00 per bicycle.  We are able to get basic tune ups done on bicycles that don't need parts by the day after they are dropped off but without question no more than two.  Its a great chance to get your ride in order for what is looking like awesome fall riding headed our way, see you all soon.

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Sale! Rental Bikes For Sale! Cold Weather Gear/Bikes!

We are now on sale and have some really great discounts.  30% off all ins stock summer clothing, 25% off all in stock road bikes, 15% off all ins stock 2017 mountain/comfort/cruiser bikes, 10% off all in stock 2018 model bikes, 15% of trainers and car racks and 20% off helmets.  We will run this sale through 10/07/17.

Our rental bikes are now for sale.  We have two medium and one medium/large Giant Contend 3 models that would have originally sold for $650 that are now on sale for $450 each.  We also have a medium and a large Kona Big Kahuna model that will sell for $1000 each, originally they would have sold for $1500.

We also have our cold weather gear and fat bikes rolling out onto the floor.  We have two Salsa Beargrease X5 model bikes here already and will add at least another two models to the floor to look at.

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Pizza and Group Ride!

Usually this time of the year we stop doing our group road ride because of a lack of light.  Even though no one from the store will be able to ride at 6:00 a lot of the riders that have been coming are planning on continuing but starting earlier.  Also next week after the ride John is going to be cooking pizza for everyone so come hungry.  I have enjoyed riding with all of you and look forward to hanging out next week.  See you soon.

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Last Group Road Ride, Road Construction!

Looks like we have good weather for tomorrows ride. This will be the last one that I will be able to attend this year. I was thinking though that just because I can't go based on store hours all of you are still more than welcome to use the parking lot and leave earlier if you want to keep riding together.

On another note if you are coming in from the North, road workers have done an awesome job of making near impossible to turn left off of Washington Blvd into our parking lot. Just a heads up because I forgot two days in a row and its infuriating.
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Group Ride Cancelled, Sorry About The Bad Air!

Super sorry to cancel the group road ride tonight but the air is so bad its not even funny.  I rode yesterday in the mountains and regretted doing so after because my lungs were so raw it sucked.  Any of you are more than welcome to use our parking lot if you still want to go out, I just don't want to promote something that may cause complications for anyone.  See you all soon.

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Open Labor Day! Regular Hours!

We are here today and would love to help you with whatever your cycling needs are, have a great holiday.

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Group Road Ride Wednesday 08/30/17

It looks like the weather should be ok tonight for a ride.  There is some chance of thunder storms in the forecast but it is only a small percentage.  As usual meet up in the parking lot in time to leave by 6:30 and plan on the usual course of 18-2miles.  The bummer is that I will not be able to go tonight so plan on leaving belongings in your car or asking someone if you can leave your stuff in there car until after the ride.  If we have new riders all of you that have been on the ride keep an eye to make sure they get back ok an or don't get lost.  Sorry to miss you all tonight I will be on the ride next week.

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Group Road Ride 08/16/17

It looks like the weather will be great for a group road ride 08/16/17.  As usual plan on meeting in the parking lot around 6:00p.m. and plan on leaving at 6:30p.m.. I will not be able to ride on this group road ride though so plan on leaving items in your car or if you are riding  to the ride plan on asking someone here to let you leave your stuff in their car.  I wouldn't miss the ride for very many reasons but tomorrow is my nine year anniversary with my wife Candice and we have made dinner plans to celebrate.  I hope you have a great ride, please be safe and look out for each other, if we have new riders please make sure they have a great experience and get back safe.  I will see everyone before you take off and with out question will be on next weeks ride.

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Group Road Ride Wednesday 08/09/17

So right now the weather looks awesome and it seems that it will be a great day for a group road ride.  That being said there is a small chance that the weather might change so if it starts to look crappy definitely give a call down to the store and or check the Facebook account to see if we are still going.  I'll plan on seeing everyone tonight, don't forget we leave at 6:30p.m..

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Discounts On Select Kona Bicycles!

Just a heads up that as new Kona 2018 models start to show up they have discounted select 2017 models.  They don't have every size available but if you are interested give us a call and we can check.  Kona has them discounted at 15% right now.

  • Process 153
  • Hei Hei Trail
  • Hei Hei Trail DL
  • Hei Hei Trail Supreme
  • Private Jake
  • Jake the Snake
  • Shred (XL only)
  • Splice
  • Splice DL
  • Tonk
  • Operator
  • Operator Deluxe
  • Supreme Operator
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Group Road Ride 07/26/17!

It looks like it should be ok for a ride tomorrow but there is a slight chance of rain.  Lets plan on going out unless it gets nasty.  If it starts to blow hard or rain definitely call or check our Facebook to see if we are going or not.  Hopefully the weather will hold and I will see everyone tomorrow.

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Group Ride, Keep An Eye On The Sky!!

At this point we are still planning on riding tonight but if the weather gets weird call before you show up and make sure we are still planning on going. Hopefully I will see you all tonight.

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