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Bike Class, Saturday December 14th

Last Saturday we went over basic maintenance of a bicycle in the bike class and despite a stinking snow storm we still had people here which was great.

This coming Saturday December 14th in bike class will be assessing, describing, removing and reinstalling cables and housing to both the derailleur and brake systems. We will also cover chain wear, removal, installation, and we will go over the use of master links. Class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will end around 10:00a.m.. Come through the double doors an the North East side of the building as the front door will remain locked so we can concentrate.

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GoPro Hero3 plus Cameras Are In, Bike Maintenance Class this Saturday.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Our first shipment of GoPro Hero3+ cameras have arrived and are ready for sale, we have three on hand right now.

Our annual bike maintenance class will begin this Saturday the 7th of December.  Class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will run through 10:00a.m.. Plan on arriving about 5 minutes early so we can get started promptly.  This class will focus on basic maintenance and will provide the foundation for further classes down the road.  We will discuss cleaning, lubrication, inspection of your bicycle, and then we will remove a tire, patch a tube and then reinstall the wheel back onto the bicycle.  If you have any questions send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or give a call to 801-394-7700.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Sale Starts Early, GoPro Hero3 + Editions.

First off Happy Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a great holiday and travels safe.  We have enjoyed a great season thus far with you all and wish you nothing but the best as the holidays begin.

On that note we were talking here at the store and see no reason to wait any longer in beginning our holiday sale. The sale description is listed at and can be accessed by clicking on the calendar tab and then selecting the sale that is listed throughout December.  We have also been saving small boxes if you are in need to wrap a gift this year, we're just giving then away.

We also got conformation today that we have Gopro Hero 3 plus versions in route to us.  We have three that will arrive in the next couple of days.  Like last year we have been told that the stock on these cameras is going to be iffy at best so if you want one come in a little earlier rather than later.  As always thanks for choosing as you bicycle store we really appreciate your business.

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Bikes For Christmas And Fat Bike Rentals!

We have now received and built over 40 bikes for the Holidays.  We have on hand a pretty good selection of bikes for adults and for you parents looking for the perfect bike to put under the tree we have over 35 children's bikes on the floor ready to go.

On another note we are excited to say that as of today we have our first fat bike ready to rent.  On hand we have a large Salsa Mukluk 3 in black ready to go out.  It will cost $35.00 per day, make sure to call ahead if you plan on renting it as we only have the large right now but as soon as we can get our hands on a medium and a small we will add these to the rental selection.

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First Shipment Of Christmas Bikes In! Storage of Bikes Available

I am excited to let everyone know that we have received the first 22 bike shipment of bikes for the holidays.  The vast majority of these bikes were ordered with gift giving and children's bikes in mind.  To make sure we had good stock on hand as well as plenty of bikes to look at we double ordered every model of kids bikes this year so that should reduce the pressure of getting models in before the holidays.  As usual we will be able to keep bikes here at the store up until 3:00p.m. on December 24th if you are giving gifts to people that are prone to looking.  Thanks as always, and good luck shopping this year.

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Holiday Gifts And Bikes!

It's that time of the year again for gift shopping for the holidays.  To make sure that everyone finds that perfect gift we have stocked about 90% of the items that have been popular in years past as well as items that we think will be hot for this year.  We have on hand pint glasses, coffee mugs, tool kits, multi tools, socks, gloves, lights, sporks, basically you name it and we have it.  We put everything out early this year to make sure there was time to look before crunch time comes.

We were supposed to have bikes Friday, but for an unexplainable reason the company didn't ship them on time so they will be in Monday.  To make sure we have good stock there will be about twenty mountain bikes and kids bikes here that we will be building up to show. We also got unicycles and large scooters this year.  Keep in mind that if for any reason while your here you don't see the model you like we will be able to get them in two business days up until about four days before Christmas.

Because cyclists are hard to shop for we have developed a list of recommended gifts for bikers ,basically gifts that can be given without worry. There will be a gift tab on the top of our web page, I know its early but welcome to the 2013 holiday season and if we can do anything to make it easier for you let us know.

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Lake MXZ 303 Shoes Now In Stock, Tune-Up Special Still On!

Yesterday we received our first shipment of Lake MXZ303 winter riding boots.  Information wise it seems that as you look at these shoes you will want to size up a shoe size or two for layering and comfort.  We have on hand a size run from 44-47 Euro, American sizes 10-13. They will retail for $269.00 but man they look nice and feel like they are extremely well insulated.  So if cold weather shoes are in the cards for you come take a look.  We can also get Shimano cold weather shoes.

We had a customer through recently who was under the impression that because we had changed the signs out front the Tune-Up special had ended which is not the case. Our tune-ups will be on special through the end of March next spring so you have plenty of time to swing your bike by.  Thanks as always for choosing Skyline as your store.

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Happy Halloween, Salsa Mukluks, Gift Ideas, And Cold Weather Gear

First and foremost Happy Halloween.  Just to bring everyone up to speed on where we are at this time of the year we finally have a Salsa Mukluk in large on the floor.  This means that we now have three different models of fat tire bikes to look at and test ride.  In a few weeks we will have a rental fleet of Salsa Mukluks in, we will have a small, medium, and a large for rent at $35.00 per day.

We have received the vast majority of our cold weather gear for you guys to look at and try on before it gets really chilly.  Gloves, coats, mittens, shoe covers, skull caps you name it. I have been assured by Lake Cycling Shoes that they will have my order of MXZ303 winter boots in days.  On that note Shimano is well stocked on their cold weather shoes and they are ready to ship right now.

To get ready for the holiday season we have started to stock a portion of the store dedicated to gifts for your friends, family or acquaintances that are cyclists .  We have tools kits, coffee mugs, pint glasses, flasks, computers, bicycle work stands and other gift ideas that have been popular and successful in past holiday seasons on display for you to look at now.  We will continue to add to this section as we get closer and will have a recommended list of gifts on the website by next week.

So all our customers have the ability to continue to ride even if you don't like to ride in the cold or don't have an indoor trainer we set up two spinning stations on our fitting deck that can be used for $5.00 dollars per session.  Call ahead and make sure that we have openings and that we don't have any fits scheduled.

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Hiker Biker Incident, Southern BST!!

It has come to my attention that towards the end of last week there was an altercation on the Southern Bonneville Shoreline trail somewhere around the area of the 29th street trail head between hikers and mountain bikers.  This dispute escalated to the point that the Weber County Sheriffs were called.
As a mountain biker I understand the joy of riding a trail fast and pushing your limits.  I also understand how lucky we are as a cycling community to have the trail system that we do.  With this in mind please, please ride in a fashion on the trails that is enjoyable, but safe for yourself, other riders, hikers, horse riders or any other trail user.
What it comes down to really is that we as a group hold the future of our trail system in our own hands.  If we can pull together as a group and promote as well as practice safe trail use protocol we will have a trail system that is enjoyed by all different groups, if we don't we will begin the slow and painful process of being banned from trails.  There also needs to be an understanding and promotion of safe cycling within our own group, if you see a cyclist that is moving at a pace that is unacceptable say something.  It doesn't have to be rude in fact I think an informative position is the best.  A simple "Hey take it easy there is a bunch of hikers coming up," is enough to hopefully slow a rider down.  A statement coming from another rider is more likely to be accepted by the rider rather than someone getting yelled at by a hiker or horse rider.
Accepted trail rules around the country state that mountain bikers yield to all.  I know this can be frustrating but hey that's the way its been written and if it keeps me on the trails I'm off my bike in a heart beat. If someone yields make sure to thank them so when they think of mountain bikers they see a person that is thankful and smiling at them, little gestures go a long way in making a big difference.
Within the last year I have started to ride with a bear bell attached to my seat that rattles.  I a have found that this has made all the difference in the world with hikers.  Just this morning I was stopped by a hiker and thanked for having a bell.  He said he heard me and stepped off the trail so I could pass.  He did however say this is not always the case and he himself has been run off the trail multiple times in the past.  I think bells should be a must in whatever form for riders, whether bear bells that rattle when you remove the magnet, or a dinger on the handle bar get one and you will never look back.
You all know how much we appreciate you as fellow riders and customers.  It is this appreciation that makes me worry about the future of our trail.  Please be safe out there, enjoy the ride.  Thanks.

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Rental Bike Sale This Saturday, October 26th!

Just a quick reminder that our rental road and mountain bikes will be sold this weekend.  The mountain bikes are Kona Splice models, and the road bikes are Raleigh Revenio 1.0 models.  All sizes and models will be sold for $450 dollars each, both bikes retailed for around $700 dollars new.  We will hold bikes if you call ahead and they are ready to be looked at whenever.  If you have any questions give a call, send an email, or drop a note on Facebook.

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Preserve Your Steel Frame In Wet Conditions

Being a shop where we as a group and quite a few of our customers ride steel/chromoly framed bicycles it was a topic of conversation about who had coated the inside of their frame tubes in preparation for wet winter weather.

Just because you can't see rust on the outside doesn't mean its not rusting on the inside of your frame tubes from water entering during riding.  To prevent rust we can coat the inside of your frame with a compound called Frame Saver.  To coat the inside of a complete bike we will charge $75.00 per bike because we have to completely remove all the parts down to a bare frame and then put them back together and then tune the bicycle again.  For a bare frame that needs to be treated there will be a fee of $25.00.  We need about 24 hours with your frame because we apply multiple coats and we need to allow for it to dry as well.  If you have any give a call or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Fat Tire Bikes And Gear Are In! 27.5 Giant Trace Models In!

We have now stocked two different models of fat tire bikes.  We have on hand a Surly Pugsley, and a Kona WO and as soon as Salsa Mukluks become available we will be stocking Mukluk 3's on the floor as well.  We have a new fresh stock of full sleeve jerseys, and will have mens and womens Pearl Izumi Select thermal barrier jackets as soon as they arrive.  Thermal tights are in and we have water/windproof pants as well, we also have handle bare mits in. We have a lot of cold weather gear still in route so keep an eye on the site of Facebook account and I will put up messages as more arrives.  Looking forward to a great fall and winter season with you guys.

27.5 Giant Trance's have arrived as well, these are the first 27.5 wheeled bikes that we have seen.  They are on the floor and ready for a test ride whenever.  See you all soon and thanks as always.

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Calendar Updated Through February 2014

I just finished updating the calendar through the end of February 2014.  All the holidays that we are going to be closed are listed and I put a complete schedule of all the free bike classes that are taught Saturday mornings starting in December and ending in February up with descriptions of each. I am looking forward to teaching this season I hope getting the schedule up early will allow all of you that are interested to plan which classes you want to attend.  Thanks as always.

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Rental Mountain And Road Bike Sale, Oct. 26th

As  we are moving into our winter season we will be selling our mountain bike rentals and our road bikes rentals to make way for our fleet of FAT TIRE rentals. The mountain bikes and the road bikes will each be going for $450 dollars.  The bike we used for our mountain bike rental is the Kona Splice model that we have installed grippy tires on the original price of this bike new was $700.  The road bike rentals are Raleigh Revenio 1.0 bicycles, the original cost of this bike was $710.  If you would like to call ahead or send an email we will be more than happy to take your name and hold a bicycle for you.  We have six mountain bikes and six road bikes.

This winter we will be renting Fat Tire bikes so that our customers can go out ride through the winter season, this will also allow those looking to possible purchase a Fat Tire bike the opportunity to ride one and see if it is truly something you enjoy.

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Lake Shoes, Trainers, Cold Weather Gear, Mukluks For Rent!

We are glad to say that we have developed contact with Lake Shoes and have found a new vendor out of Canada.  On our initial order we have got a size run of MXZ303 cold weather shoes so that we will be prepared for the colder portion of our season.  As we continue with the fall know that we are stocking more cold weather gear than ever before because with fat tire bikes being introduced to our area we are now looking at winter as another season of cycling with different gear needs to keep everyone going. We will also have a size run of Salsa Mukluk fat tire bikes to rent for $35 per day as soon as they become available.

If on the other hand you choose not to go outside when it gets cold we have already stocked about ten Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainers, blocks, mats, and Kinetic bluetooth 4.0 watt meters and heart rate monitors.  So whatever you choose to do this fall, we are ready to meet your needs.

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As I looked outside today I like a lot of others couldn't help but notice that there was a dusting of snow on the peaks of our beautiful mountains.  This seems to have come a little quicker than in years previous, so to match that it was decided that we will be putting our summer clothing on sale earlier than usual.  As of today all in stock summer jerseys, shorts, and bibs will be on sale at 35% off of MSRP, or price already marked on item.  We will also have cold weather stock on hand by this weekend to keep everyone out there riding and warm through the fall.

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Just a quick note to remind everyone that even though we had our sale in August on all Skyline Cycle store inventory, our vendors are now discounting their own product to move it out in order to get the new bikes in.  We are seeing discounts of at least 15%, but more commonly discounts of 20% and these savings we just pass along to you.  Kona has pretty good numbers across all their inventory, Giant is spotty in all categories as are Raleigh and Felt.  If you are looking for a specific bike our want to know what your options are in a category, give a call or drop and e-mail and we will get back to you.

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To make sure that we were ready to support all your need for both the Xterra, and the Salt to Saint we brought in fresh stalk of all the parts we may need as well as bumped up all the nutrition.  We have a full stock on most of the Hammer products as well as a Accell gels, electrolytes, Shot Blocks, ect. We also have a good stock of high power lights in the range from 350 lumen to 800 lumen on hand for all those doing the Salt to Saint.

If you need last minute adjustments we should be capable of adjustments that don't need special parts, give a call ahead and check what the load is a the time you are headed down. If you are doing the Xterra you will see us at the registration today as well as at the boat marina tomorrow morning.  Good luck to all, be safe.

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Welcome To All XTerra Athletes

As we move into the later portion of summer a lot of events are happening.  As you all need nutrition, or would like to put together a custom package of nutrition for a specific event let us know.  In a lot of cases we can have nutrition items for you the next day.

For all local athletes doing the XTerra race, now is the time to get your bikes in before we get busy working with athletes traveling in from out of state.

For all out of state athletes coming in for the XTerra race.  If you need a place to ship a bike and have it held, assembled, tuned or anything else we would love the opportunity to help.  Tune-ups are on special for $35.00, we will remove your bike from a box and assemble it and tune it for $75.00.  We will also after the event disassemble your bicycle, package it, and get it to a shipper if needed for $75.00+shipping cost.  In the past when needed we have even delivered bikes to hotel staff for an additional fee if you are arriving late the night before. If any of you have questions or concern send all e-mails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 801-394-7700

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New Nutrition Stock For LOTAJA

For all of you going up to do the Logan to Jackson race we have stocked up on all our nutrition and will have the ability to get select parts and nutrition for delivery Friday afternoon by 1:30p.m., if we receive your order by no later than 11:00a.m..  If you need any last minute parts or adjustments swing by and we will make it happen.  Most importantly have a great event, be safe.

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