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So a word on the trails is that there are snakes all over, dogs and I came across a three foot blow snake the other day but a lot of folks coming through the store are telling us rattlers are everywhere, so be careful while your out watch your dogs, also cougar tracks have been spotted recently.  A note with dogs is to check with your vet and make sure they have rattle snake anti-venom on hand.

Trail conditions across the boards are dry and dusty, on the bench you should ride early if you want to stay cool.

Speaking of the shoreline thanks to all who showed up and volunteered there time and maintained the trails we all use, you guys/ladies kick ass and need to be thanked. From us at Skyline know there is a 25%m discount waiting on any one accessories.  Hint, Hint, working on the trails with us is a killer way to get a discount.

Group road ride is on for tomorrow baring any natural disaster so meet up at 6:00p.m., leave at 6:30p.m.. Two groups, fast and no drop, I lead the no drop and follow the same route as the fast group so know if you want to burn it up but you burn out we'll pick you up on the way in.  Questions e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 01-394-7700

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